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Taking a new spin on word games!

when scrabble meets Countdown

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A Recent testimonial


The people behind The Crux:

Name- Damon



Hi Damon,


I have now completed the trial for The Crux with 5 children and the results were very positive.

Questionnaire wise:

AT the start

1) How well do you think you did? 3 answered 2, 2 answered 1

2) How confident do you feel? all 5 answered 2

3) Would you like to play this more? 2 answered 3, 3 answered 4

4) Did you have fun? all 5 answered 5


After the sessions had been completed:

1) How well do you think you did? all 5 answered 5

2) How confident do you feel? 1 answered 4, 4 answered 5

3) Would you like to play this more? all 5 answered 5

4) Did you have fun? all 5 answered 5


Their results increasingly improved throughout the 6 sessions. To start with they couldn't complete more than 4 in the time slot we had, by the end they were completing all 10 with time to spare.

They initially struggled to get the letter before and after the given letter but their alphabet skills had definitely improved by the end of session 6.

Observations were made such as 'I know what the word is but I put a g and it doesn't look right so I tried the J instead and this looked better'

They struggled more on the words such as eight where the g and h were close together in the alphabet.

They extended themselves by writing their own for their friends (I asked them to stick to 3 letter words to keep it simple). The more able children in the class picked up on this being a fun game though and made their own examples up to test their parents!


As a whole, my class love this game and we have used it as a starter to lessons, for directed intervention for poor spellers and as an extension for more able children! Thank you for letting us be part of this.


We here at The Crux Code believe that a real connection is only made by communicating and sharing.

The way we do this is by making our products fun and interactive to create that environment.
We just happened to make a great game in the process.


This game is a fun filled fast paced game for all ages. If you think you’re a hot shot with words or a great puzzle solver then let's see what you've got. The game format is simple the solving might be harder!

In February 2019 we launched the tester FREE app holding multiple levels for you to get your teeth into.

We are currently generating some media coverage and support surrounding the game and the benefits it provides. By the end of August 2019 we will be looking to start a crowd funding sight for     the full app to be produced.

I would like to share some recent findings with you, to demonstrate the relevance and benefits this awesome game holds.


Over the phone or online




Exeter, Devon, EX2


If you would like more information about me or my games contacts us here:
If you can leave some feedback it would be great to hear how your game went: